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Writing a CV

Every CV should include information about your education and relevant professional experiences. The organization or layout of your CV should be in reverse chronological order (list most recent experience first, and then go back in time). Put the most important information on the first page of the CV so it stands out easily to the reader. As a general rule, whatever is most important for the hiring committee to know should command the most space toward the top of your CV. Make sure your CV is clear and concise.  Lastly, if you are applying for different types of positions, you may need more than one version of your CV.

Writing Your CV

  • Before drafting your CV, it is a good practice to review your qualifications and the qualifications listed on the job/announcement of your interest. Using the categories suggested (i.e. Research Experience, Publications, and Presentations, etc.), list everything that will connect your experience to the qualifications of the job. This is a great time to inventory your expertise, skills, accomplishments that are relevant and connect them to the needs of the job at hand. The organization of your CV will depend on each application/job and the experience you want to highlight right away.
  • Once you have found the job you want to apply to, it is important to understand and utilize specific industry/institution terminology throughout your CV so the reader is able to easily understand your qualifications in relation to their industry.
  • Review the job description/announcement thoroughly and note the requirements/qualifications the employer/hiring institution is seeking. This is a time to be mindful and get into the practice of using the keywords mentioned throughout the job description.
    • Please note: In today’s employment market your CV may be screened with an Applicant Tracking System software (ATS) by HR professionals. These systems manage high volumes of job applications electronically. For recruiters, it streamlines the recruiting/hiring process and helps to identify quality applicants.  ATS will electronically scan your CV, score your qualifications based on the description for that position, and rank your application.

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