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Professional Networking

Get Connected With The Sonoma State Network

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In partnership with the Sonoma State University Alumni Association, the Career Center is excited to announce the launch of our new mentoring platform, The Sonoma State Network. This online platform is the very first of its kind here at Sonoma State, and we invite our students to participate!

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With the Sonoma State Network, we are able to provide our students the perfect opportunity to expand their networks and create real and meaningful connections in a mentoring environment. Our alumni will mentor current students within their field of interest, provide tips on how to make the most of their time at SSU, attain professional contacts, learn about career paths, and so much more!

Through the Sonoma State Network, you can:

  • Talk to alumni who have a degree you’re considering
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Get support from professional connections
  • Learn about career pathways
  • Get advice on how to make the most of your time in college

For support or questions, contact

Professional networking is when you create and grow relationships with other professionals in your career or other relevant fields. Networking enables you to develop relationships with others that are mutually advantageous to your career and those in your network. Students can build a professional network in numerous places (both online and offline), including networking events, career and job fairs, social events, previous/current jobs, and social media sites that are designed for professionals. People recommend to include in your professional network are Sonoma State University staff/faculty, previous/current classmates, friends, coworkers, supervisors, and family.

The Sonoma State Network is a fantastic way for you to start and/or grow your professional network. This new professional mentorship and networking platform aims at providing students and alumni with a professional community that can offer Seawolves networking support/practice, jobs/internship opportunities, career exploration and advice, career related resources, and much more