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three human figures build a resume on a computer screen

Creating a resume can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Do you need help making your resume relevant to the industry or profession you are applying for? Are you having trouble brainstorming resume formatting, content, and/or strategies?

Schedule a spot in one of the Career Center's 90-minute Group Resume appointments offered almost every day of the week! 

What is Jobscan?  

The Jobscan software is an online analysis tool that helps job seekers optimize their resume for specific job postings and conquer the top Applicant Tracking System software used by employers. Jobscan compares hard skills, soft skills, and industry buzzwords from the job listing to your actual resume content. The first and easiest step to getting more attention from recruiters is matching targeted keywords. Jobscan does this for you!

More about Jobscan

  • Optimizes your resume for any job you are looking for
  • Highlights the key experiences and skills recruiters need to see 
  • Enhances your LinkedIn profile
  • Beats unqualified robot resume systems 
  • Unlike any other resume builder out there 

  1. Sign up and attend a group resume appointment 
  2. Receive a confirmation email from the Career Center about your new premium Jobscan account 
  3. Create your Jobscan Account 
  4. Upload Resume 
  5. Add relevant job description 
  6. View Results 
  7. Make the necessary changes to beat the applicant tracking system

  • Help make your resume relevant to the industry or profession you are applying for 
  • Brainstorm resume formatting, content, and strategies 
  • Gain PREMIUM access to Jobscan by attending an appointment 

  • A premium account gives you access to unlimited. resume scans with match rate calculations and keyword comparisons 
  • Have access to Jobscan's learning center 
  • Access to resume manager that will save your previous resumes 
  • Your newly built resume will be ATS friendly and put you ahead of the competition. 

  • ChatGPT suggested phrasing
  • ATS-friendly resume templates
  • Recruiter tips

  • ChatGPT generated cover letter
  • Pulls Top 3 Hard Skills from resume, and applies to generated cover letter

  • Manage all saved job postings, resumes, and cover letters for each application
  • Easily track applications, interviews, and job offers
  • Synced to Google Calendar
  • Reminders available to help prepare for interviews

Save jobs directly from: Handshake, Indeed, Linkedin, Monster, and Glassdoor

The new video library features wideos that can be included in any welcome emails, department web pages, or outreach efforts. 

How do I get started?

Sign up for a Group Resume appointment (available almost every day of the week) to gain´╗┐ Premium access to Jobscan! Premium Jobscan access allows you to scan unlimited resumes. You can schedule an appointment through LoboConnect.


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