Graduate School

Searching for a full-time position upon graduation may not be the right path for you. Instead, furthering your education could be your calling. Pursuing a graduate program can make you qualified for more/higher employment opportunities and can cultivate more networking and career advancement opportunities in the future. However, graduate school is not required for all career paths. Graduate-level education places you in highly specialized fields - so you should be certain about your career path and what you intend to use your graduate degree for.&

Explore - Ask yourself what kinds of graduate programs you might be interested in. Graduate programs can be highly specific, and you are likely to learn of programs you haven't heard of before.

Prepare - You've selected a program that you want to apply to - Understand their admission requirements, including required coursework or exams. Be aware of dates and deadlines. 

Apply - In addition to a program application, you will be asked to include transcripts, personal statements, letters of recommendation, and more. Admission requirements differ depending on the program. 

The Career Center is here to help guide you through the graduate school exploration and application process. To schedule an advisement appointment, please contact

Use the resources below to help you decide if graduate school is right for you: