Graduate School

Is grad school for me? 

Pursuing a graduate degree makes you qualified for more advanced employment opportunities while expanding your professional network and experiences. While a graduate degree can enhance your professional portfolio, not all career paths require a graduate degree. Grad programs are highly specialized - so you should be certain about your career path and what you intend to use your degree for. 

Types of grad school programs

The most common type of graduate degree is a Master's. Common master's programs include: Science and Technology (M.S.), Business (M.B.A.), Public Administration (M.P.A.), and Arts (M.A.). Other types of degrees include: Doctoral (Ph.D), Juris Doctor (J.D.), and Doctor of Medicine (M.D.). 


The application process for graduate programs will vary by school and by program. Most applications will require some or all of the following: a resume, a CV, a letter of intent, transcripts, graduate record examination (GRE) score, a writing sample, and letters of recommendation. Preparing applications can be time-consuming, so be aware of program deadlines.  

The Career Center is here to help. 

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