The Career Center is here to help prepare you for job interviews.

Interviewing skills are critical to making a successful first impression. Our comprehensive Interview Guide below offers tips and sample questions to help you become ready to master your interviews!

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More Resources

The Career Center recently launched a new tool called StandOut to help you practice your interview skills! StandOut is an online resource for students to practice their interview skills via mock interviews. It's free and accessible to all SSU students and recent graduates. We currently have 13 different mock interviews in the system - some are general interview practices, and some are specific industry practices. 

Why should I use StandOut?

Making a good first impression is essential for a strong and successful interview. StandOut will help you feel more prepared and confident in your interviewing skills! Learn about commonly asked interview questions, practice interviewing using your webcam and microphone, and prepare for both in person and virtual interviewing. 

How do I use Standout?

Go to and create an account using your SSU email address. Once logged in, click “Practice” on the top bar. You will see a list of all the available practice interviews. There are currently 13 practice interviews available and more will be added in the future!

When you start an interview, you will see a welcome/intro video, and then your mock interview will begin. The system begins recording your interview answer as soon as the question is asked to facilitate a live interview environment. Each question has a maximum allotted time limit, which you will see counting down as you record your answer. If you’re done early, click “stop” and move onto the next question. Once you complete the practice interview, you can watch your records back. This is important! After you watch the recording, StandOut software analyzes your response and will give you an overall score. Here, you can identify filler words you commonly use, as well as general areas of strength and where you can improve overall.

Currently Available Practice Interviews

  1. General Interview 1
  2. General interview 2
  3. General Internship interview
  4. General Sciences
  5. Health/Healthcare
  6. Education/Teaching 
  7. Writing & Publishing
  8. Marketing & PR 
  9. Biology/lab roles 
  10. Environmental science
  11. General Engineering
  12. Sales
  13. Nursing