Add Power to Your Resume with Bullets

By: Garrett Secor

Bulleted statements are a foundational piece to a great resume.

Attempting to highlight relevant skills, getting past application tracking systems (ATS), and enticing employers enough to invite you for an interview without bulleted statements is as difficult as trying to catch fish without bait on a hook. To ensure the best bait available is being used, you should focus on writing impactful bulleted statements that highlight your relevant skills, are ATS friendly, and will impress potential employers.

The formula for writing strong bulleted statements is (Action Word + Tasks) + Result = Bulleted Statement.  I emphasize the action word and task component by encasing them in parenthesis. However, the result is significant: you don’t want your resume to focus more on tasks and not enough on accomplishments. Examples of bulleted statements that implement this formula can be seen below. Since bulleted statements can be written in multiple ways it is important to note that this formula is very fluid, meaning that each component can be expanded on or diminished in order to maximize the bulleted statement.  


  • (Prioritize [Action Word] multiple tasks in a fast pace environment [Task]) to meet weekly deadlines [Result]
  • (Collaborate [Action Word] with multidisciplinary healthcare team [Task]), optimizing patient care and outcomes [Result]
  • (Developed [Action Word] an excel spreadsheet [Task]) to organize and interpret data, identifying daily goals met and missed [Result]

This formula is a key tool you should use to write bulleted statements that highlight relevant skills, is ATS friendly, and will entice employers enough to invite you for an interview. After you’ve written your bulleted statements, ask a career services staff member to review them with you.

Garrett Secor is the associate director of career development at Florida Southern College. One of his talents is coming up with new and innovative ideas to accomplish tasks.

Courtesy of the National Association of Colleges and Employers.